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Photo submission

Doggy Devon published Guide (2018 version)

Do you have a pawesome photo of your Devon Doggy or your Doggy enjoying Devon – the beaches, the moors, walks, in dog friendly pubs/hotels/cafes etc.?

If you would like to submit an image(s) for consideration in the new Guide (and/or for potential use on the Doggy Devon website and/or other Doggy Devon marketing materials) please do complete the form below:

Terms and conditions for photo submission:

You agree that you own full permission rights to the image(s) you are submitting and that by doing so you are giving permission for Doggy Devon to reproduce on print and online.

Should an image with people be submitted (and subsequently included in the Guide and/or Doggy Devon marketing material) you confirm that all people have consented to their image being used.

By submitting an image(s) for consideration you agree that there will be no payment (now or in the future) made by Doggy Devon for use of the image(s) supplied and that by submitting an image(s) you consent to Doggy Devon making use of the image(s) in the published Guide and/or for future marketing material (both on and offline).

Please, where possible, submit the original image and not images that have had filters applied.

Your Name

Your Email

Name of dog(s) in the photograph:

Where in Devon it was taken:

What month it was taken:

Description of photograph:

Upload photograph (For print quality please ensure that your photograph is at least 3mb. Please email images larger than 5mb to

Please tick to confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions:

Please also note that I’ll be unable to reply to each photograph entry to confirm if your image will/will not be used in the Guide or future Doggy Devon marketing material.

The new Guide will be published in April 2018 – the current Guide is still available to purchase here.